gArgh TV!

Welcome to gArgh TV!  Over the years, we did make a few videos.  And some day, we would like to see some – like Disorientation – become a full series.




  Disorientation: Episode 1 by The Garg-o-holics and The Lifers [ Coming Soon ]


  Anomalies by The Wildcat

Original Disorientation:

  Disorientation: Commentary by Syrus, The Wildcat, and Tikchi

four  Disorientation: 10 Minute Cut by The Garg-o-holics [2009]

three  Disorientation Deleted and Incomplete Scenes by The Garg-o-holics

two  Disorientation [Original 33 Minute Edit] by The Garg-o-holics

Misc Videos:

four  BWL Central Trailer by The Wildcat

zero  Team Play Episode 1 [April Fools 2010] by The Wildcat & SyrusRayne

three  New Site Video by Devil1

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