Disorientation [Original 33 Minute Edit]

by The Garg-o-holics

Years ago gmod brought about the appearance of random “Robot Chicken” videos.  They were all a bit junk.  I thought that we could do better.  So I began experimenting with fraps and Source Recorder.  One day, someone named Danny the Magical Turnip joined a “movie recording” server that I was experimenting on.  He loved the idea and we started recording clips… enough so that I knew I had to make Disorientation.

Regrettably, we took a looooong time to finish.  I also found myself relying more and more on SP recording to get the more complex “story” clips.  Then I started editing with the most limited software possible… Windows Movie Maker.

It hurt.

The final product was 33 minutes and 35 seconds long and included a ton of stuff that wasn’t really needed.  I basically wanted to include everything that any other players contributed and not leave anyone out.

And Idiots of Garry’s Mod came out while I was still recording and editing this beast. So this really never felt as good as it should have.

Given time, I would re-edit this down to the 10 minute video.  However, I eventually re-posted this as a special video for the forum VIPs.  I added annotations for commentary and had really planned to re-edit this again some time soon with my current skills and tool-set.  But I think I’d rather just move on to the next video instead.

With the addition of this new BorderWorlds site, I think it’s time to bring this special original edit back into the light of day.


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