BWL Central – Trailer, Disorientation, and Stuff


This isn’t like our normal videos.  Rather, it’s a loading screen video for our GMod server.  It’s also a trailer for our planned show, Disorientation.

New episodes, when finished, will be uploaded to the main BWL Channel and posted on the BorderWorld Stories hosted site.

Basically, I decided to combine the old concept of a random GMod show that was the original Disorientation with two other shows we talked about doing.  Tactical Insertion and Living With GMod.

Most story and skits will be recorded in single player where I have more control and resources.  Random gameplay moments will be interspersed and those will be recorded on the server.  We may also have scenes that need more active player characters and those would be recorded on the server as well.

More then anything, we want the community at large to enjoy.  Have a good time.  But play nice.

I had to kick someone the first day I started testing the workshop add-ons on the server.

Heavy Hitter

We plan to use Heavy Hitter as the Disorientation main theme.

I would recommend that you sign up on the forums and request a game server pass group access.  That way you can see the hidden/locked server forums and get the password during closed door record sessions.

I know the forums are in a rough way right now, but I DO plan to replace them when I get the chance.

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