as_england_01Black Mesa is no more. Welcome to GargArena. The arena is our last chance to halt the invasion.

Mankind is facing a continued wave of portal storms that dump xenian life forms onto our planet. These creatures are growing in intelligence. They have started to make strategic assaults on humanity.

The smaller beasts are insignificant, but a new xenian threat has been dispatched. Dozens of the gargantuan monsters have been gathered into one unstoppable task force.  As a unit, they take any outpost they desire.

The leader and manufacturers of this sudden xenian invasion are unknown. The gargs are storming our bases and claiming our supplies and technology.

Humanity has but one hope. Our scientists have developed a mechanical equivalent of the gargantuans. These robo-gargs are our last hope.

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FLAMETHROWER This is the main weapon of the game. It works best at short/medium range. NB: Using the flamethrower causes the player to heat up. Once the heat bar is full damage is taken.

STOMP ATTACK This attack creates a shockwave, that will do damage at close range. It produces no heat and is a powerful attack that can hurt many players at once. NB: No heat is produced by this attack.

LASER VISION This is the long range weapon of the game. The primary attack is a quick firing laser, which does minimal splash damage. The secondary attack is slow to charge and can cause devastating damage. It is a larger laser pulse that is enough to almost destroy a garg. But it blinds you temporarily. NB: Using the primary attack does not cause the player to heat up. The secondary attack fills half the heat bar.

STICKY FOG GRENADE Not so much a grenade, but it’s difficult to describe. It fires an organic missile which sticks to any wall it hits. Then it releases a gas fog, which does slow damage and also blinds the player. It also works as a handy way to provide cover. NB: There is no heat produced by this weapon.

REGENERATION This allows the player to slowly regenerate health or coolant. The lower the value, the faster it will rise. NB: There is no heat produced by function.


as_underground_01As decided by the map you play, you can either play a simple Team Deathmatch. The team with the most kills at the end of the map wins.

Or the map will be mission based in which you need to achieve an objective. This can be either reaching the end of a maze, or completing tasks. Both versions of mission based maps have time limits.



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