Internet Archive Flashback

Here’s a quick trip down memory lane as we look back on the early days of Friendly Garg’s Stories thanks to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

First up, one of the earliest versions of FG’s Website from 2001.  It was hosted at

Friendly Garg’s Website 2001

Next, from 2002 comes a look at early Friendly Garg’s stories as hosted on Planet Half-Life.

Friendly Garg June 2002

From 2003, here’s a look at  It was a site hosted by FG personally.

The Gargaholics June 2003

In 2004, the site was running at

The Garg-o-holics June 2004

After attacks on the host, the site moved to and incorporated a simple design I made up.  It held largely broken CSS code and graphics.

Garg-O-Holics Portal March 2005

Still at the same address, I took over in 2006 and made Bored With Life.  It was the end of Friendly Garg’s Stories as my own site swallowed it up.

Bored With Life July 2006

Since 2006 we moved to my own paid web space and I have rebuilt the site a few times.  Today, BWL Development is serving as the host of this new version of Friendly Garg’s Stories.  I call it BorderWorld Stories.

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