Team Play Episode 1 [April Fools 2010]

by The Wildcat & SyrusRayne

Team Play Episode 1 was a big part of the 2010 April Fool’s Joke.  I remade the site with the ugliest skin I could find and announced plans to cancel most standing projects in favor of faster and more typically popular content on YouTube. A “new direction” for everything.

Typically, this “popular” content would include Idiots of Garry’s Mod clones… often very bad ones.  But Team Play was an actual planned show. A serious one that involves an organization that travels across dimensions to City 17 to ensure that a villain does not succeed in capitalizing on the rebellion and chaos around it.  It has since been re-named Tactical Insertion.

However, we are not sure it will be made into a show.  I have been considering making a comic of the basic story.  If we DO make a show, we will need help… lots of custom models, maps, voice acting, etc.


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