It’s Back Again


It’s been a long time since any form of Friendly Garg’s old story site really existed here.  For a few years now, that has been relegated to an archive on the main BWL site.  I decided I wasn’t happy with that and – some time last year… or the year before… I don’t really remember now – I plan to rectify the situation.

Welcome to the new BorderWorld Stories.

This is quiet literally me setting up a hosted site and re-creating the Garg-o-holics story site.

It will take some time for me to convert all the old stories over and add the extra pages.  I’ll be working on this in the background for a while and when it is ready, I’ll add a prominent link to BWL.

In the mean time, welcome back.

— Also, be aware that I am keeping the original text when available… misspellings, bad grammar, and all.

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